Top Toys for Babies Learning to Walk

If you already have a child who has gone through the adventure of learning to walk, you know how challenging and frustrating it can be for a little one. Wanting to be just like mommy, daddy, and all the other big people walking around them, they make their hardest effort to master this complex motor complex. A physical boundary that is only overcome with age is a disproportion of head size to body size. However, there are many toys out there that help make learning to walk fun and exciting for your little.

The Step 2 Walker Wagon with Blocks is a great wagon system that children push instead of pull. The wagon is small enough for little ones just learning to walk and so fun that they will be sure to get many hours of practice time. The wagon comes with a set of 16 foam blocks that your child can play with. Then, when it’s time to move play time to another area of the house, they can put the blocks in the wagon, and walk with the wagon! The elongated design of the wagon adds extra stability so that your child is safe and supported when practicing walking. Having them do this themselves, without holding a parents hand, also increases autonomy, an important step for child development.

The Step Start Walk-N’-Ride is another great toy that is actually designed to teach two different coordination skills. The walk part provides your little one with the support and stability necessary to learn to walk while pushing his/her favorite toy. The Ride part teaches hand-eye coordination as your child will enjoy a wild ride! They decide their own speed and provide their own momentum by pushing off the floor, while deciding their direction with the handle bars. This toy is very inexpensive and a toy parents will love to increase their child’s autonomy.

There are many push and pull toys out there designed to teach your child to walk. However, the ones mentioned here are known for their stability and safety. Whichever toy you decide to go with, let your child have a go with it at the store to see if it fits his/her needs.

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