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Oregon Scientific MEEP Review

Kids are becoming more aware of technology, often taking over the home computer, laptop, netbook or mobile device. Ask any mother or father how often they turn around to see their little one has gotten ahold of their phone or

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Review: Snap Circuits SC-300

Electronic Snap Circuits SC-300 Review If you’re looking to give your child an exciting and hands-on toy that will introduce them to the world of electronics, then look to Snap Circuits SC-300 by Elenco Electronics. This toy has been rated

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Leaping Ahead: LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet

In the toy section of any major store, there are certain aisles that any mom can identify at a glance. There’s the cheery pink of the Barbie aisle, the steely gray of the Lego section, and the wide array of

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Alphabeasts Full of Kid Nip? Cute Educational Puppets

Alphabeasts Full of Kid Nip? Children and Parents Love Them The Alphabeasts are plush, cute, learning companions created to teach children their ABC’s and how to spell while having fun at the same time. A Top Toys Blog reviewer asked

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Children’s Books About Going to School?

Is your child going to school for the first time soon? Top Toys Blog is here to help with a great look at some of the best books about starting school. We may even throw in one or two about

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