Top Toys for Girls

Top Toys for Girls

If you are looking for some great, popular toys for girls, we have a great list of some of the best. From baby girls to teenage girls, we have top toys for every age group. Start your search for girls’ toys below.

  • Best Toys Baby Girls – Find the best toys for baby girls. From cute and cuddly to educational, we have some great toys for your baby girl. The most important thing to remember is that you want to buy something that is age appropriate and SAFE – especially at this age.
  • Top Toys Girls 1 year old – When looking for a toy for a 1 year old girl, stop here first. We have a great selection of fun and educational toys for girls age one year old. Buying toys and gifts for babies in this age range is great fun and doesn’t have to be expensive – even for some of the tech toys out there these days. As always, educational toys are a very good bet for this age range of girls.
  • Best Toys Girls 2 years old – If you need toys for a 2 year old girl, this is the place. We have a lot of the hottest toys for girls age two years old. Toddler girls have a LOT of energy, so you want to find a toy that will help them exhaust this energy before it is bedtime.
  • Hot Toys Girls 3 years old – Finding the perfect toy for a 3 year old girl is easy here. We have a lot of great toys for girls age three years old. At this age range, educational and learning toys are still very important for a lot of reasons. Toys that can teach another language – Dora the Explorer for example – can really be beneficial as well as fun to play with. That makes the perfect toy in many senses of the word if you ask us.
  • Popular Toys Girls 4 years old – When it comes to popular toys for  year old girls, we have the best around. If you need toys for girls age 4, you have come to the right toy blog. Learning how to speak better and communicate better, four year old girls are fun to buy gifts for especially when it comes to dolls and “cute toys.” Still, learning toys are a good idea in this age range as well.
  • Best Toys for Girls 5 years old – Want the most popular toys for girls 5 years old? Keep looking around. We have compiled a list of great toys for girls age 5.
  • Best Toys for Girls 6 years old – When you are looking for toys for girls 6 years old, you may be wanting some ideas. We have great gift ideas for girls age 6.
  • Top Toys 8 year old Girls – The top toys for 8 year old girls are here at Top Toys Blog. We have put together a list of the most popular toys for girls age 8.
  • Best Toys 9 year old Girls – Finding terrific toys for nine year old girls does not need to be difficult. Asking the child what they want is a start, but you want to make sure you come to the table with a few ideas as well!
  • Hot Toys 10 year old Girls  – The top toys for ten year old girls may seem like a mystery – especially at this age – but with a little research and help from the team here at Top Toys Blog, we are going to give you some good starting off points to find the best toys for girls age 10 years old.
  • Top Toys 11 year old Girls – Girls age 11 years old have particular taste in toys. While some are too old for dolls, others are still into them in a big way. This is why it is important to make sure that the eleven year old girl in question is talked to about what types of toys she likes.
  • Best Toys 12 year old Girls – Finding the best toys for girls age twelve years old does not have to be difficult. We have a great selection of ideas and gift suggestions for 12 year old girls to help you find the perfect gift.
  • Top Toys 13 year old Girls – Locating the best toys for girls age 13 years old is not difficult here at Top Toys Blog. We have gone through great pains to get into the brain of a 13 year old girl to find out what they like! Every girl is different, but we have some general ideas that will get you headed in the right direction for finding the perfect gift for a 13 year old girl.
  • Best Toys 14 year old Girls – If you want the top toys for girls age 14 years old, we have a great selection of ideas on the perfect gift for girls this age.

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