Top Toys for Boys

Are you looking for the best toys for boys? No matter the age, we have the must have toys for boys in 2014. Follow the links below to get some great ideas on the best toys that boys want this holiday season! From baby to teens we have toys for boys of all ages.

We go through many websites, looking at reviews and reading up on toys as well as reviewing them ourselves. We strive to give you the information you need to make an informed decision about which toys for boys to buy. If you want boys’ toys, you have come to the right place!

Best New Toys for Boys in 2014

Here is a rundown of the hottest NEW toys for boys in 2014.

  • VTech Switch & Go Dinos
  • Jumbo ZIP-IT from Bananagrams
  • Sbyke S-16
  • CitiBlocs Neon 100-Piece Set
  • K’NEX Atomic Coaster


Top Toys for Boys in 2014

Next, we have a breakdown of toys for boys of every age!


Baby Boys Toys

Finding the perfect toy for a baby boy is important. The most important thing is safety. Make sure you get something age appropriate but also something fun that the baby will enjoy. Buying gifts for babies is fun because there are so many great choices out there these days when it comes to baby toys for boys.

Complete list of toys for baby boys

One year old boys

If you want to find the best toys for 1 year old boys, look no further. From rattles to puzzles and noise-makes and more, we have a lot of great toys. For example, check out these Educational Toys for Babies and Toddlers. We have a lot of other ideas on our main page for boys age one year old.

Complete list of toys for 1 year old boys

Two year old boys

Whether you are looking for walking toys or something musical or educational, we have the most popular toys for 2 year old boys. The good news is that you don’t need to spend a ton of money to get a toy they will love.

We have cute Halloween Costumes for toddlers and other toys and games for toddler boys. Toddler boys are a lot to handle, but they also bring so much joy – especially when they have great toys to play with! This is a good age to start considering getting educational toys.

Complete list of toys for 2 year old boys

Three year old boys

When it comes to shopping for toys for a 3 year old boy, you need to start getting creative as they are becoming smarter all the time at this age – and harder to please!

Still, they are able to communicate what they want a little more, which can be helpful for finding them the perfect toy. Check out these great learning toys for boys age 3. You still want to make sure you get something  age appropriate, but there are many great choices these days.

Complete list of toys for 3 year old boys

Four year old boys

Finding the best toys and games for four year old boys is not hard. We have a great selection of toy reviews for all types of toys for this age group, including some super learning toys for boys age 4.

With so many options out there, you’re not going to have any problems finding a gift that they like to play with – for weeks if not longer. Four year old boys change their minds a lot, but the right toy can go a long way in helping them learn.

Complete list of toys for 4 year old boys

Five year old boys

Shopping for toys and gifts for 5 year old boys is not hard. Boys age five years old sometimes really like Art, Music and Science Toys for Smart Kids. We have a large selection of others types of toys on our main page for boys five years old.

You do not need to get something that takes batteries to please some five year old boys. Video games and what-not are nice, but there are many educational toys out there as well that make good choices for gifts.

Complete list of toys for 5 year old boys

Six year old boys

If you are shopping for Christmas 2014 or a birthday gift, finding the best toy for a six year old boy is not hard. We give you a selection of the very best toys around. One popular toy for boys age 6 is Dance Star Mickey, still hot for 2014.

There are also a wide selection of games, action figures and more. We have some great ideas to get you headed in the right direction when it comes to toys for boys in this age group.

Complete list of toys for 6 year old boys


Seven year old boys

At age 7 years old, a boy wants a toy of his own. You want to make sure you know what the seven year old boy is into before you buy anything. One thing boys age seven really like is building toys.

There are many who are into sports at this age as well, so there are a lot of options there as well. In out section for this age group, we go into some of the specific toys you want to look at as well as give you ratings and quick reviews so you can make your decision.

Complete list of toys for 7 year old boys


Eight  year old boys

Finding toys for 8 year old boys is not difficult if you can put yourself in the mind of an eight year old boy! At this age, boys are becoming more confident and also getting into sports and outdoor activities more.

If you browse our section for boys in this age range, you are going to find that we spent a little time to give you a short, quick list of some of the top toys out there.

Complete list of toys for 8 year old boys

Nine year old boys

Toys and games for 9 year old boys are not hard to find. We have some good general ideas for gifts for boys age nine. At age 9, boys really begin to get into LEGO toys in a big way.

However, this age there are still a lot who are into sports or even Nerf gun games. In our section for boys this age, we have a lot of specific toy suggestions that will make sure you have something that’s safe, great, and a good value.

Complete list of toys for 9 year old boys

Ten year old boys

Buying toys for 10 year old boys is easy. We have the must-have toys for ten year olds. Boys age ten are usually starting to get into the LEGO architecture series.

However, video games and even books for some are still popular. We have a good selection of some toys and games and bikes that boys in this age group are going to like if they get it as a gift this year.

Complete list of toys for 10 year old boys


  • Toys for 11 year old boys – If you need to buy a gift for an 11 year old boy, we have the best toys and games available for sale online. Finding the perfect toys is easy. Boys age eleven sometimes really start to like RC toys of all types – from cars to planes to helicopters to boats, there’s something for everyone in this age group.


  • Toys 12 year old boys toys – Finding great games and toys for boys age 12 can be difficult because their interests change so often most of the time. Still, we have some great ideas for boys in this age group.
  • Best Toys 13 year old boys – Do you need a gift for a 13 year old boy? Start your search here and get some ideas on super toys for super prices. Buying a gift for a boy age 13 doesn’t need to be difficult.


  • Hot Toys 14 year old boys – Finding the perfect toy or gift for a 14 year old boy can be expensive if you don’t know where to find the hottest stuff they’re going to love that doesn’t cost a fortune. You do not need to spend a lot of money to find the best gift they’re going to remember and cherish for years.

The above sections are just the beginning. When it comes to finding toys for boys, we also offer other ways to browse all our great content. From searching by toy brands and types of toys to staying up to date on all the latest toy recalls, we make it easy to find safe and fun toys for boys of any age.

Remember to bookmark us and check back often as we are constantly adding new toy reviews and other content to the website to make your toy search easier. From toys for baby boys to toys for teenage boys, we can help give you ideas that will enable you to get the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

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