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Top Electronic Toys of 2009

The year 2009 has given us numerous toys that come with the additional draw of sophisticated electronics. These electronics provide different features, with light and sound among them. Here are a few of the top electronic toys of this year:

Ultimate Wall-E Robot

Pixar’s animated blockbuster, Wall-E, has given rise to the development of this articulate and sophisticated toy. The Ultimate Wall-E Robot moves easily around obstacles on various surfaces with the help of a complex system of motors. The toy also has some voice recognition abilities due to integrated software, which also allows it to respond to noise. The sensors which help Wall-E avoid crashing into obstacles, as well as his movie-accurate aesthetic, make a great toy that makes good use of modern technology.

Rubik’s TouchCube

The Rubik’s Cube, an iconic toy for all ages, has a new incarnation in the Rubik’s TouchCube, which gives the old toy a digital makeover. The goal remains the same – each of the six sides should have squares of the same color, but the process is innovative. Touching an illuminated panel turns a piece, and the procedure is streamlined with the incorporation of an accelerometer, which causes the toy to respond only to taps on the upturned side of the cube. Other high-tech features include a built-in ‘hint’ feature, and a ‘save’ feature which remembers where the pieces are before you turn off the TouchCube.

Nintendo DSi

The Nintendo DSi is another toy with lineage – it is the most recent incarnation of Nintendo’s handheld gaming consoles. It’s thin, clam-shell design is reminiscent of its predecessor, the Nintendo DS. However, it has many features that the DS did not have, such as abilities for photo manipulation, sound recording and remodeling, and Internet capabilities with DSiWare.

K. Paul Mallasch

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