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CycoCycle is Crazy Fun for One or More

Now available in stores (including Walmart and Amazon) the CycoCycle is about to take the nation by storm. You may not have heard of it here at Top Toys Blog first, but this toy is set to become a big hit in the months and years ahead. The kind makers of the CycoCycle sent the Top Toys Blog team a brand new yellow CycoCycle to review.

We’re going to share what we think about this interesting new take on the unicycle – or maybe it’s part tricycle. Whatever you call it, the “no-handlebars” stunt and trick bike is taking the nation by storm. Recently seen on CBS’s The Talk (where they gave away a few hundred CycoCycles), the new bike is a big hit.

The CycoCycle is made out of super strong steel, crazy tough rubber and your weirdest nightmares. If you’re the kind of geek who likes to read about product specs, here they are. Maybe your mommy or daddy can read them to you before beddy-bye time. Check out the CycoCycle website or see them on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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K. Paul Mallasch

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