PS3, PS Move, PSP, PS Vita: Sony Video Game Consoles

If someone on your holiday shopping list is into video games and you are trying to determine the best game console to get them, we are here to help. We are going to take a closer look at what is available from Sony – both for in-home use as well as their popular portable gaming systems. If you are confused about all the Sony Playstation 3 options out there, we are here to help.

Sony Gaming Systems

Sony has been around a while now and they are a favorite gaming system of many. The Playstation 3 is truly a work of art when it comes to design on the outside, but it’s all the graphics power and memory storage on the inside that truly make it a gem. And with the ability to play Blu Ray discs and connect online (including streaming services like Netflix), it’s a great entertainment investment for the whole family.

Here are the main offerings from Sony in 2012 for gaming consoles. We are not going to list ALL of them as there are quite a few bundles out there. You may want to spend some time looking at those to see if there is one that has a game you know your child will love.

  • PlayStation 3 320GB System – This is the baseline when it comes to memory capacity on the new systems. This is the amount of data storage (things like saved games) the console can hold without using memory cards. Obviously, the more you get the better. The first generation Playstation 3 consoles had 40 GB to 80 GB and there are now some bundles that have 500 GB of storage for the ultimate gamer. You will want to shop around so that you can find the most memory for the best price.  For a 250 GB PS 3 you should expect to pay around $300, although the exact price will vary. You can get one with less memory for about $200.  This is the basic console with none of the extras that we will be looking at next. There is also a SLIM version out there.
  • Playstation 3 Move – This is additional hardware you can get to allow the PS3 to act like the Nintendo Wii with motion sensor technology. If you are buying a new gaming system you can get one with a Move bundle that will have everything you need. If you already have a PS3, you can get a bundle with just the basic accessories – the eye for tracking motion and one controller – and then add more as needed. Not all games work with Playstation 3 Move, but it is easy to find out which ones do and do not. This is a great way to add a little physical activity to game playing. The “eye” usually runs around $20 by itself with each controller about another $20. You can find bundles with everything you need – including a game or two – if you look around.
  • PlayStation Portable 3000 Core Pack System – This sleek Piano Black portable gaming console is priced just over $100, although you can bundle to get a better deal. As with the normal Playstation 3, you can listen to MP3 tracks and even watch videos. It should be noted that this is NOT the newest portable gaming unit from Sony. We are going to look at that next. Still, for the price, there are a lot of great games that this can play and we think it’s worth the money for gamers on the go. If you take a lot of long road trips, it’s a wonderful idea.
  • PlayStation Vita – As with many Sony products and offerings, you have a lot of options here. You want to make sure you understand them so you get what you are wanting. There is a WiFi version that will connect to the Internet over a Wireless connection, but there is ALSO a 3G / WiFi version that will work using the AT&T 3G network when a wireless hotspot is not available. This means you can connect almost anywhere, which is nice. There is a monthly charge for the 3G capability, however, that you have to work out with the phone company. Either way, the new PS Vita is absolutely stunning in a lot of ways. From the design to all the great features, there is a lot to love. The price is about the same as a Sony PS3 home console, so this is something to keep in mind. This is the latest and greatest from Sony so you should expect it on a lot of Christmas lists this year.


Recommended Extras for Sony Gaming Systems:

If you want to make sure you have everything you are going to need or want or you are trying to get a less expensive gift for someone with a Sony game console, here are some ideas.

 Popular PS3 Bundles

Here is a look at some of the popular Playstation 3 bundles available.

What’s Next?

We will be taking a look at other video game companies – Microsoft and Nintendo – to explain their offerings a little better. Additionally, we plan on having a wrap-up post that will compare the three major gaming consoles head-to-head. Stay tuned!

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