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It is very difficult for parents of autistic children to find toys and games that are entertaining for their children. Some of the biggest challenges include focus, social engagement, too many rules with games, and more. However, there are a few games out there designed just right for children with autism.

The first choice is a game that everyone in the family can play. The Nintendo Wii is a game system that is just right for children with autism, as it is interactive while still very simple. With fewer buttons than other video games, the Wii is easy to handle, easy to learn, and the variety of games will not bore kids.There should be limits set on how long children play with it, however. But this is the case for all children.

Another interesting option is board games. It seems too simple to really be educational for kids with autism; however, they teach them many great social skills. From turn-taking to counting, children can learn a variety of social skills. “Sorry” in specific can help children understand rules and number identification. Charades and Scrabble will help with social skills and vocabulary development.

The Mirror Game is an inexpensive game that will offer your child hours of fun and learning. Start by imitating your child’s actions, while at the same time narrating what you are doing. They will enjoy controlling your movements while at the same time learning words associated with each action. To take this game to the next level, you can perform facial expressions and have your child guess what emotion they express. You can guide their answer in the beginning, until they are able to recognize different emotions on people’s faces.

The last great activity to do with your autistic child to help them focus attention on people they are talking to is Step Into Conversation. Sold by Children Succeed for a reasonable price, this card game your child not only to look at you while talking to you, but to also hold a conversation over one topic at a time. The cards are designed with labels including, Stand, Look, Talk, Listen. By rehearsing scripted conversations your child will learn key ways to have discussions with others while following generally accepted social norms.

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