Top Monster High Dolls For Christmas 2012

If you haven’t yet heard about Monster High Dolls, they are considered by some to be the punk or goth version of the Barbie doll. These dolls are not ordinary, but they are becoming more and more popular with young girls and even tween girls.

You might think they’re too Halloween themed to be a good Xmas gift, but their trendy clothes and outfits never go out of style. To help you choose the best one, we have a Top Toys Blog guide to the best Monster High Dolls for Christmas 2012.

It should be noted that these dolls regularly sell out quick! If you miss them in the stores, you may end up having to pay someone double or even triple the regular price to get the doll your daughter wants this year. This is why it’s so important to shop early.

Monster High Ghouls Rule Line 2012

Again, it is important to note that these dolls usually go fast – especially the more popular ones. There’s a good chance you can still find them online, however, via different retailers. The cost for this series of dolls ranges between $20 and $25 in most cases, with Halloween costumes starting at $20 for a complete costume (without the shoes or a wig.)

Monster High dolls are recommended for ages six and older.

Cleo de Nile Doll


Cleo is based on Cleopatra. Cleo de Nile eerily mimics Cleopatra’s short haircut, but this doll has trendy blue streaks added to the hair. Her dress is made out of blue metallic wraps that help  give her look like a mummy, although with a mermaid-style tulle skirt.

She also has blue metallic platform shoes with straps. Some of her accessories include a punch bowl and skull serving cup. Her hands are positioned to make her look like she can walk like an Egyptian.

Abbey Bominable


Abbey sports an ice nymph costume and a cool, blue skin tone.  She almost looks barefoot, but actually has crystal clear ice slippers. They’re offset somewhat by her deep blue ankle cuffs. This particular doll – or the whole line – may be a bit risque for some parents, but they are popular with children.

Abbey’s wrists have bracelets as white as snow. She really stands out with her hair, however. Her blonde hair has red, purple and blue streaks in the front. Additionally, her lips have a touch of pink sparkle. Some of the accessories that come with her are very simple, basically a mask and purse.



Draculaura comes with a cute ensemble including a black and pink miniskirt, black high heels, red, bat winged collar, and actual black bat wings on her back. She has a thick head of black, curly hair – with a faint  hint of a blood-red steak in front. This is one of the more spooky dolls.

This particular Monster High doll has a very cute face, but looks can be deceiving. When you take a closer look,  you can see her fangs! Draculaura also comes with with a mini skeleton and tiny cauldron as well. This is a favorite with a lot of tween girls these days.

Clawdeen Wolf


This Monster High Doll is a real blast from the past. With her 70s hairstyle and clothes, she’s a Disco (Wolf) Queen. Clawdeen has a purple body suit with gold accents as well as open fingered, green gloves. Some of her outfit is made out of a brown, plush fur. Look closely at her head, and you will see her ears sprouting out.

Each ear has green earrings. Her light purple hair draws your attention from the top and her gold platforms draw your attention all the way to the bottom. Her accessories include a tiny coffin and green satchel, among other things. To top it off, Clawdeen had the best ratings of entire Ghouls Rule line according to some reviewers out there.

Frankie Stein


Frankie takes the bride of Frankenstein look and brings in into the 21st century. With a corseted top that opens up into a flowing, floor length, white tulle skirt, it is quite the outfit. She also has knee high, lace up boots with platform heels. Her aqua colored skin shows off her jewelry – which is made from nuts and bolts.

Even though her hair is different than the original bride of Frankenstein, she still keeps the classic silver streak in her hair which is a nice touch. Her accessories include a blue purse and a silver pot full of green slime. Frankie tied Clawdeen in the highest ranks for the 2012 Monster high dolls according to some reports out there.

Other Monster High Toys

  • Halloween Costumes: There are various Monster High Halloween costumes available in child sizes. The wigs can be purchased separately, which is nice. It should also be noted that shoes are not included or available for purchase. Having said that,  you may be able to find something that will work. Because the costumes are somewhat  mature-looking, they may not be appropriate for all girls.
  • Play Sets:  In addition to the dolls themselves, there are various Monster High play sets available. These are basically different background settings that can be used to play with or display the 2012 Monster High dolls. The play sets include a backdrop of the high school, a coffin bedroom set, as well as clothing and vehicles like a moped or even a sports car.
  • Books and Videos: There is a  Monster Hill MP3 Player and video recorder that is set to be the perfect 2012 Christmas gift for anyone who loves Monster High dolls. There is also a new Monster High movie that is going to be released in October of this year, as well as a new book that should be available now.

This concludes our look at the top Monster High Dolls for Christmas 2012. There’s a very good chance these will go quick, so if you know they’re on a Christmas list this year – or you want to surprise someone – it’s a good idea to get them now while they’re still in stock. These may go as fast as the new Furby’s this year. (More on the new Furby’s a little later.)

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