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Top Toys for Christmas 2012? We have a list you are going to want to see. While we do have separate pages for each age group for both boys and girls (see the navigation on the top of the website), we are going to give you a look at some of the best toys for 2012. Whether you are shopping for a boy or a girl, we are sure to have something to please anyone on your shopping list.


Top Toys 2012 by Category

We are first going to break down all the hot new toys for 2012 by category so that you can check out just what you want to see quickly and easily. That’s just how we roll here at Top Toys Blog!

Arts & Crafts Toys 2012

Arts and crafts toys are great because they usually give the child something they can keep and hold onto for a while. From old to young, there are a lot of these types of toys that are hot this year.

  • Play-Doh Candy Cyclone – Play-doh has been around forever, and children of many different decades have enjoyed playing with it. However, modern children seem to want a little more – and Play-doh has delivered with this Playdoh Playset. Kids will be able to make all sorts of different Play-doh candy. And while you should warn them that they shouldn’t eat the candy, Play-doh is non-toxic just in case. Overall, for the price, this is sure to be a big hit for little ones who already have a passion for Playdoh or a love of candy. Made for ages 3 to 300, this allows someone to go a little further more easily with their Play-doh designs.
  • Crayola Digital Light Designer – Crayola is another huge name when it comes to fun with arts and crafts, and this latest design delivers – and then some. For slightly older children who still want to have an excuse to color (do you need an excuse?!), this is a great set that allows them to make designs with light. Basically, this is a huge dome-like toy with little LED lights on the inside. A special pen turns the lights on when it is passed over the “canvas.” Like other toys in this niche, once you make a design there’s really no way to keep it unless you don’t use the toy again. However, like the Etch-a-Sketch, we imagine this will be a big hit with those who have a creative streak.


Toy Guns & Weapons for 2012

Not everyone wants their children to play with a gun or weapon, but for those that do, Nerf guns still continue to deliver. These days, they’re brightly colored and look nothing like real guns. At the same time, they’re safer than older toy guns and also are capable of some amazing things.

  • Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire Blaster – This may seem a little more expensive than your average Nerf gun that you remember from your childhood, but you get a great toy gun for the money. Made for age 8 years old and up, this is primarily for boys, but there is nothing stopping young girls from getting one and joining in the fray! The cool thing about this Nerf gun that boys (and girls) like is that it has the most ammunition and can fire the most shots. Some have called it the absolute peak of Nerf innovation. If you can get past the somewhat hefty price tag, you’re going to find that you have one pleased kid – especially if there are already Nerf battles going on in the neighborhood.

Best Board Games for 2012

Board games are now available for children of all ages, which is a good thing in many ways. If you are a fan of family game night, you are going to like some of these hot board games in 2012.

  •  Roll & Play – This is a simple game for babies age 2 years and older. This just may end up being your child’s first favorite game. With a plush cube and 48 game cards, it can provide endless learning opportunities for your young one. On top of that, it’s quite a bit of fun watching them learn to interact with it and play the game. Some smarter 18 month olds may pick up on the game quickly as well. Even if they don’t, there’s a good chance they’re going to love playing with the plush and safe tiles or even the cube. Either way, for the price, it’s a great game for babies in 2012.
  • Monopoly and Life zAPPed – Now you can get a version of your favorite board game that interacts with your iPad. You are going to use the iPad as a spinner as well as for a lot of other special features that have been packed into these two classic board games. While different children have different interests, there’s nothing better than a group getting together to play a game. Made for ages 8 and up, it’s also a good addition to family night if you have mostly children in that age range. For a great new take on Monopoly or Life the board game, try the zAPPed version!

2012 Top Construction Toys

There is nothing more fulfilling then being able to use your hands to build something. For both boys and girls, there have always been a lot of interesting construction sets out there. From Lincoln Logs to LEGO, there’s a wide range to choose when it comes to building toys.

  • LEGO Friends Olivia’s Tree House 3065 – Appropriate for boys and girls age 6 to 12, this is a pretty simple set that is not going to take them a long time to build. Having said that, it comes with some great LEGO mini-figures as well as a lot of pieces that you may be able to use in other LEGO constructions that you come up with. This set comes with 191 pieces, 1 mini-figure and two animal figures! The attention to the small details is where this LEGO set really shines. When the tree house is built, children can have a lot of fun playing with it. And of course, they can also break it down and use their imagination to build something on their own.
  • LEGO Creator 10224 Town Hall – For boys and girls age 14 years old and up, this is an intense 2,766 piece LEGO set that will take quite a bit of time for complete. Then again, if you have someone that is into LEGOs, they may be able to finish it a lot sooner. As with all other great LEGO building sets, however, this one has a lot of pieces and parts that creative little builders want to get. This is one of the big draws to LEGO – that there’s always something new, a piece you don’t have yet. And at the end of the day, after you have created something, you can tear it down and start all over again. LEGO set 10224  is a bit pricey, but for someone special it’s going to rock their building world.
  • LEGO Duplo Disney Princess Series – For little girls (or boys) age 2 to 5, this is a great little set that will send their imagination soaring. With tales of Princesses and Princes and all other sorts of drama and excitement, this toy set will provide hours and hours of building fun for your little one. There are quite a few LEGO Duplo sets out there these days, but this one caters to little girls who are in love with one Disney Princess or even all of them. With a whopping 77 pieces – a lot for any toddler – this is a great way to introduce someone to the fun of LEGO while having it branded with something they probably already like – whatever Disney Princess that might be!

Best 2012 Educational Toys

When it comes to learning toys for children in 2012, there are a lot of options out there. While some tried and true favorites are still hot, we have a look at ones we think are going to be very popular with children this year. Laptops, iPads and other tablets are a no-brainer, of course, but here’s a look at some educational toys for younger children.

  • LeapFrog LeapPad 2 – For little kids age 4 to 8 or 9 years old, this is a great tablet learning device that is sure to keep them busy for hours and hours. It has pretty decent battery life and stands up well to little children – even with drops. It has gotten pretty good reviews around the Internet for a reason – it’s educational and holds up with kids. And as for the kids – they seem to love it because it makes them think of an iPad. And at the price, it’s a great way to get them some technology that may help them learn something at the same time, which is a good thing. Available in pink or green, it’s good for either boys or girls. And if you want to make sure you get one this year, I would order online early.

New Outdoor Toys for 2012

While Christmas and outdoor toys don’t always get along together well, there are some cool outdoor riding toys that we should mention because we think they are going to be popular this year.

  • YBike Explorer – For ages 5 years old an up, this is a great way to get around the yard or neighborhood. You want to supervise your child while they’re playing on it, of course, but this is a hybrid of sorts when it comes to outdoor riding toys. Still, a lot of boys and girls seem to love it. As a 3-wheel go cart that is pedal powered, it’s safe, economical and actually quite a bit of fun to ride around in. While the price may seem high at first, when you compare with other battery operated riding toys, you’re not going to mind the price tag as much! In all seriousness, for little kids who spend a lot of time outdoors, this can be a lot of fun that will last at least as long as the weather holds out.

Imagination and Pretend Play Toys

While some children may be content with an empty, super large refrigerator box (or just a normal sized box for that matter), there are a lot of great toys that will help their imagination along during play time. Here is our look at some hot pretend play toys for Christmas 2012.

  • Sesame Street Come n Play Kitchen Café – Does your child LOVE Cookie Monster the most? While it may make Elmo feel a little bad, not everyone wants to tickle Elmo or watch him rock out. For boys and girls who love to pretend play, this is a great playset that will give them hours and hours of enjoyment. Made for children age 2 to 5 years old, it has a lot of cool features. Additionally, it’s quite safe for children. With so many high-tech toys out there these days, it’s nice to have something that relies a little on your child’s imagination so that they can exercise it a little. We expect this one to GO FAST Christmas 2012, so you should order as soon as you can to make sure that you get yours.

RC Toys: Radio Controlled boats, planes, heilicopters

There are so many cool radio controlled toys out there these days that it can be difficult to know which ones are “cool” when it comes to children. No matter the age of your child, there are some great RC toy options available for 2012 Christmas.

  • Air Hogs Battle Tracker – The Air Hogs name is super popular when it comes to those who love flying RC helicopters. The new Battle Tracker is no different. For children age 8 years old and older, this toy is SUPER HOT and moving fast. If you want to get your hands on one this year, you need to act quick before they are all gone. For any RC fan on your shopping list, this is going to bring hours of fun and excitement. It has everything that is needed to safely fly an Air Hogs RC helicopter – and then some.



Top Toys 2012 by Age

Next, we are going to look at toys that are good for specific age groups. When you are talking about younger children, you want to make sure that you get something age appropriate. Be sure to bookmark us, mark us in your favorites, like us at Facebook and follow at Twitter to make sure you don’t miss the next huge installment of top toys for 2012 grouped by age! Coming soon …

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