Best New Toys and Trends for Christmas 2012

Looking for the best new toys and trends for Christmas 2012? We have you covered. We have collected information and lists from some very reputable sources around the Internet as well as looked at sales numbers for particular toys. When it comes to toys in 2012, tech is hotter than ever, but there are still many classics still doing well.

First, let’s start off with some of the new toys being released for 2012 as these are probably going to be high on the list of many different children.

Best Toys in 2012

Earlier this year, Parenting magazine went to Toy Fair International to look at the Best New Toys of 2012. Here is some of their top toy list.

  • VTech Switch & Go Dinos – A cool dinosaur that is sure to delight many a young boy – or girl – who has an interest (or obsession) with dinosaurs. And coming from VTech, you know the quality is going to be there.
  • Jumbo ZIP-IT from Bananagrams – Jumbo sized Bananagrams. Nothing else to say, really, but a cool thing to have at a great price.
  • Barbie Photo Fashion Doll – High tech Barbie. Some girls will be into this, but there are quite a few competitors to Barbie these days.
  • BBQ Blitz! – Barbecue board game. Need I say more?
  • Sbyke S-16 – Scooter for older kids. Ultimate scooter for older kids! It has an extra big wheel on the front to help with stability.
  • CitiBlocs Neon 100-Piece Set – Neon building blocks. Way cool, man. Sure to be a hit with groovy kids of all ages who are creative when it comes to building things.
  • Crayola Digital Light Designer – Coloring comes into the 21st century with this high-tech art toy from Crayola, who knows a thing or two about coloring. Just ask any toddler out there. Expect a garbled but possibly fabulous answer.
  • Doodle Roll – Old toy with new packaging and marketing, but it’s sure to be a hit with the more creative kids out there. Available at a decent price as well, it’s something to think about for your shopping list.
  • LEGO DUPLO Creative Sorter – Clever and colorful, this toy for younger children is sure to give them hours and hours of fun – and learning as well. Nice! The parrot, elephant, and giraffe are just some of the shapes that little ones can learn to build with this reasonably priced set.
  • Discovery Bay Games Duo Pop – For those with an iPad, this can turn it into an interesting gaming system. The word is not out from the video gamer kids yet, but it’s something to bring to their attention if they have not heard about it. For the price, it can be considered a cheap new gaming console. Maybe!
  • K’NEX Atomic Coaster – Building toys just keep getting better. And while LEGO makes some nice bricks, K-Nex takes it to another level. This set allows the building of ultimate roller coaster rides.  You are going to need room for this, though, at about 4 foot high.
  • BuckleyBoo – Comes with 1,000,000+ free cuddles – as well as some learning opportunities. For younger children, it’s a good bet they may become quite attached to this toy and love whoever gave it to them a little bit more.  The thing to this toy is the buckles which should intrigue and get your little one interested in learning how to operate them. All while still having a great cuddle buddy.
  • Makedo Find & Make Plane – Want to teach your child to think Green and be able to make their own toys from scraps found around the house? This is a great way to give creative boys and girls a little boost when it comes to making some wild, wacky and cool planes of all types and sizes. This is the gift that keeps on giving.
  • Oregon Scientific MEEP! – A tablet – like the iPad – for younger ones that’s safe for them to use. It’s a good way to get a youngster interacting with technology they are likely going to be using more and more as they grow up. These days, it’s not uncommon to see toddlers making calls to 911 or being able to operate the computer better than their parents occasionally.
  • Little Kids No-Spill Bubble Machine – Bubbles and NO spills? What a great combination! Why didn’t they think of this before? Maybe they have, but this one has slick packaging and a decent price. You’re going to have to buy extra bubbles at some point most likely (or make your own with soap), but for some little kids it’s the coolest thing EVER!
  • Nukotoys Monsterology NUKO – Collectible card games are still around and this may be one that your tween or teen boy or girl throws at you this Christmas. If you research it, you’re going to be able to know exactly what they want so you can hear their screams of delight as they rip open the packages on Christmas morning.
  • Orbeez Magic Light-Up Globe – This is quite a bundle of fun in many different ways.
  • PlaSmart PlasmaBike – Lean, mean riding machine for younger children. Very cool in many ways. This is a good transition bike from tricycle to bicycle.
  • Playmobil E-Rangers Headquarters – Playsets are still a hit with some younger boys, and this one has quite a bit to go with it. You might be surprised by the price.
  • Ravensburger Augmented Reality – A new kind of puzzle, you can bet a lot of kids are going to want to check this out on their own. It’s a great, non-violent toy for children of a lot of different ages.
  • Rockboard Descender – All terrain skateboard!
  • WePlay Rocking Bowl – Yes, it’s just a big bowl, but imagine the fun! Made to be safe and durable and easy to clean, you might be surprised at how big of a hit this toy is this Christmas.
  • YBIKE Explorer – Move over Green Machine, there’s a new rover like vehicle powered by pedals for Christmas 2012. This would make a great surprise for a lot of younger boys.
  • Imperial Toy Splat X Smack Shot – Souped up slingshot with LED display.

There are a lot of other toys that were announced earlier this year and some that are still set to be released before Christmas 2012. Stay tuned as we continue to list them all for you in an easy to read format!

Toy Trends in 2012

As you can see from some of the new toys released for 2012 earlier this year, there are quite a few tech toys. Still, classic toys are still being repackaged and resold again and again.

Have comments about the best toys in 2012? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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