Amazon or Walmart for 2012 Halloween Costumes?

If you’re wanting to order your Halloween costumes online this year, the time to do it is now so you don’t rack-up higher shipping costs in order to get it to your home in time.

The one advantage that Walmart has this Halloween is that they offer a buy online and pick it up at a local store feature which is nice. However, because Amazon does not have retail outlets, they can sometimes offer a better (lower) price online.

Walmart for Halloween 2012 USA, LLC

For Halloween 2012, Walmart has transformed over 3,500 of their retail stores into family friendly Halloween shops all across the country. This year they are supposed to have an expanded variety of costumes for the whole family – and an even larger selection of outdoor inflatable decorations – at everyday low prices.

Also new this year, you can try on or ‘picture’ yourself in a costume before you buy – both virtually and in-store. Pretty cool in our opinion. And as we mentioned above, the buy it online (click to the right) and pick it up in a nearby store is great if you absolutely must have the costumes in hand within a few hours.

Amazon Halloween Costumes for 2012

One of the other big options that you have for finding the perfect Halloween costume for 2012 is Amazon. With a huge selection, good shipping options, and quick delivery – even with most third party sellers they have – there are quite a few reasons to go with Amazon for all your Halloween needs this year.

If you click through to Amazon, you’re going to see all of the different things they offer for sale. From costumes to centerpieces to other types of decorations, they have a little bit of everything and then some.

 Is Amazon or Walmart Better for Halloween Shopping?

To be honest, it really comes down to personal preferences and what works best for you. When it comes to shopping for Halloween, you want to make it as easy as possible. Even those who enjoy shopping can get burned out by the masses flooding shopping areas like real-life zombies looking for last minute costumes. So, whether it’s buying online via Walmart and picking it up in the store or having Amazon ship it to your door, you should get it done as soon as possible so you can relax and actually enjoy the holidays this year.

Other Halloween Shopping Options

There are, of course, other stores – online and offline – where you can buy Halloween costumes and decorations, but these are the major two in many ways. If you can support a local business, you should try to do this if possible.  While Top Toys Blog will NOT make money this way, we like to support the “little guy” because in many ways we are the underdogs in the toy blog world.

In all seriousness, there are other options out there. From Party Central stores to the Halloween shops that spring up year after year – usually in locations where local Fireworks stores pop-up every year. Wherever you shop, the time to start is now so you can get it done and out of the way. This is how you can enjoy your holidays a little more this year – getting everything done early.

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