Best Toys for 8 Year Old Boys – Age Eight

To help you find the best toys and gifts for eight year old boys, we have put together a page full of information to help make your choice easier.

From tips and suggestions to help with safety and finding educational toys, we’re here to help you find the top gifts and toys for boys age 8 years old.






Safety and Toys for 8 Year Old Boys

Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for toys for an eight year old boy.

  • Production – Where a toy or gift is made can tell you a lot about the quality and the safety requirements that were in place while the toy was produced.
  • Materials – Unfortunately, it is still necessary to check for lead or lead based paint on some toys. This is especially true for toys imported from other countries. The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission is a great place to start.
  • Small Pieces – Even at four years old, you want to make sure the toy does NOT have a lot of small pieces that can be swallowed, causing a child to choke. Playing with a child at this age is also recommended.
  • Age Appropriate – The best bet is to buy toys that are recommended as age appropriate for babies. These days, toys include information about the suggested age range of children.

Educational & Learning Toys

At age eight years old, boys are still learning. Now is a good time to keep up with books and other educational toys that can help them broaden their horizons. A lot of boys will also explore sports, which can be educational as well.

Top Toys for 8 Year Old Boys

Top RC Toys and Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys

Tonka Ricochet R/C Replay


  • We like how rugged and well built this toy is and appreciate that it can handle almost anything even the most creative eight year old can throw at it!
  • While it is super durable and built to last, battery life is not the greatest and it takes around four hours to charge.

1:32 John Deere 7930 Radio Control Tractor


  • We think this is great for boys who love the farm and John Deere.
  • We love the attention paid to the details and the reasonable price.

TYCO R/C Stunt Psycho Vehicle


  • We think this is a good choice because it is good for indoor OR outdoor play.
  • We also like the Mattel quality of parts and construction and how well it holds up.

Top Riding Toys for 8 Year Old Boys

Mongoose Boy’s Strike Bicycle (Green)


  • We like the LOW price on this high quality bike.
  • While it may not last as long as some of the more expensive bikes and doesn’t have as many features, this is a great value for the money.

Diamondback Grind BMX Bike


  • We like this new 2011 edition of this 20″ bike from Diamondback.
  • We think the price is high (around $200), but is great quality and well worth the money.
  • We recommend this for boys who are very active and like riding bikes a lot.

Ferrari CX-30 20-Inch Boys Bike


  • This is very expensive (around $400 on sale although it has retailed for as high as $1,000), but it is very high quality and is built to last with all the extras.
  • We recommend this for eight year old boys who are really into bike riding in a big way.

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