Best Toys for 5 Year Old Boys – Age Five

If you want to find the hottest and most popular toys for five year old boys, we are here to help you. We have a look at some of the best toys and gifts for boys aged five years old.

At age five years old, boys are becoming more of problem solvers, and the toys and gifts you get them should reflect this if you want them to have fun and a feeling of accomplishment. Speaking is really good at this level, but toys that can help with learning letters and numbers can be good. Along with the problem solving aspect, five year old boys love to investigate and see how the world works by observing and interacting with it.

Boys age five are starting to become more and more independent and it may be hard to keep up with all of their interests as they really begin to explore the world around them. The good news is that there are quite a few different types of toys that are good for boys in this age group.


Safety and Toys for 5 Year Old Boys

Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for toys for a five year old boy.

  • Production – Where a toy or gift is made can tell you a lot about the quality and the safety requirements that were in place while the toy was produced.
  • Materials – Unfortunately, it is still necessary to check for lead or lead based paint on some toys. This is especially true for toys imported from other countries. The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission is a great place to start.
  • Small Pieces – Even at four years old, you want to make sure the toy does NOT have a lot of small pieces that can be swallowed, causing a child to choke. Playing with a child at this age is also recommended.
  • Age Appropriate – The best bet is to buy toys that are recommended as age appropriate for babies. These days, toys include information about the suggested age range of children.

Educational & Learning Toys

At age five years old, boys are still learning. Now is a good time to keep up with books and other educational toys that can help them broaden their horizons. A lot of boys will also explore sports, which can be educational as well.

Top Toys for five year old boys?

Top RC Toys and Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys

Kid Galaxy Morphibians Rover RC Car


  • We like that this is built for a five year old but is still cool in their eyes.
  • This is a great first Remote Control car that is reasonably priced and will provide hours of fun. We do recommend rechargeable batteries. The car uses 3 AA batteries while the remote control unit uses 2 AAA batteries.

Kid Galaxy RC Bump ‘n Chuck Bumper Cars


  • We like that for a little more money, you can get TWO RC cars for the price of one.
  • We love the attention paid to the details and the reasonable price.

Corvette Stingray 1:16 RC Car


  • We love how cool this car looks and that it still will hold up to play with a five year old boy.
  • We really like the close attention to details on the design of this Corvette – i.e. we think older kids might like it too if they’re Corvette fans!

Top Riding Toys for 5 Year Old Boys

Huffy Green Machine


  • Pricey, but classic toy that will bring back the memories you can share with your little boy.
  • We think this is one of the BEST outdoor riding toys of all time – ’nuff said.

Mongoose Decoy Boy’s Bike


  • With 18″ wheels, this should last about a year while a boy is growing. We like that it has training wheels that can be taken off when the child is ready.
  • This is best for boys who are an in between size – around 42″ to 46″ – allowing them to grow into a larger 20″ bicycle.

Radio Flyer Tailspin Trike


  • While tricycles may not be “cool” for five year old boys, we think they are going to like this one in a big way.
  • We like that it will be able to be used for at least a couple years as a boy grows larger.

More Top Toys for 5 Year Old Boys

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