Best Toys for 12 Year Old Boys – Age Twelve

Need toys for a 12 year old boy? Trying to find the hottest toys and games is something that takes skill in today’s world. Every time a toy gets to be well known, it becomes more challenging to come across the plaything most of the time. And when it becomes harder to find, kids end up needing it even more. The more rapidly you can pinpoint what is going to be sizzling hot for 2011 when it comes to games for 12 Year Olds, the better chance you have of actually finding the toy and getting it.

Awesome Toys and Games for 12 Year Olds?


  • Nerf N-Strike Stampede Blaster- Nerf toys are traditional in many different ways. This is a recent Nerf pistol that is both safe and wonderful for young boys and girls. You really want to make sure that you get the perfect one as you can find a handful of versions to choose from. Also check out the Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Blaster.
  • Hot Wheels Stealth Rides- This tiny RC car from Mattel toys is actually priced under thirty dollarsthirty . That helps make it an ideal value. This is on top of it being a whole lot of fun for 12 Year Olds.
  • Paper Jamz Guitars and Drums- This is an wonderful fresh toy on the market WowWee. They are guitars and drum sets that are designed out of cardboard and plastic. They have a great sound and youngsters, tweens and teens  all really like them. They are sensibly priced – less than $30 – and are available in a dozen distinct styles. These are sire to be one of the leading toys this year.
  • Monopoly City- The innovative new, 21st century variation of Monopoly is a fantastic board game for older children.
  • Erector Build and Play Easy Bucket- The Erector Set is a classic toy, and this modern version for four year old boys is sure to put a smile on their face while giving them something to do for hours and hours.
  • Nintedo Wii- This has been around for a while, but it’s still one of the most popular tech toys that kids of all ages would love to get, especially 12 Year Olds. You can even use it to stay in shape!
  • Lego Mind Storm Robot- This is the dream toy for 12 Year Olds who are into robotics. It may be a little expensive, but it is definitely worth the price.
  • The The World Smallest Palm Size Micro Alloy Shark Helicopteris small in size, but big in fun, which is why it’s so popular for boys of all ages in 2011.
  • For older boys, the LEGO Minotaurus Gameis a lot of fun and selling like hotcakes right now. It’s a LEGO board game that your kids can create.
  • Tween and teen boys will go gaga over the Eyeclops Night Vision Stealth Goggles V2
  • A lot of LEGO sets are popular in 2011, but a lot of boys are loving the LEGO Hogwarts building set and the LEGO Sceneries Set 9385set.
  • Mindflex Game is selling quickly. You might want to pick this one up when you see it.
  • Loopz – Mattel- This could be described as a memory game with lighting effects that work with motion detecting devices. Just like a great number of other tech toys this holiday season, the cost on this toy is surprisingly inexpensive – which happens to be fabulous!.

And that’s our list – some best games for 12 Year Olds for Christmas 2011. If you have other ideas, leave a comment below.

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