Best Boys & Girls Halloween Costumes for 2012

Looking for the best Halloween Costumes for 2012 for both boys and girls? You have come to the right place! Below, we are going to go over some of the favorite costumes for both. From baby costumes to toddler costumes to those for little boys and girls to costumes for teens, we have something for everyone with everything in between.

Be sure to add your input by rating the different costumes so that other parents can have a good idea of what is going to be popular for Halloween 2012. Before you know it, the day is going to be here. You don’t want to be the parent that waits until the last minute to throw together a “homemade” costume that doesn’t look that great!


2012 Halloween Costumes for Girls

Finding a great Halloween costume for a girl – or even a group of girls – does not need to be difficult. Below, we have some great starter ideas to get you thinking about the best possible costume – with input from your child, of course!


Cute Baby Girl Costumes

Infant Pink Lamb


For newborn baby girls, this is an extremely cute costume. Available in sizes from newborn to 18 months, the price is right and will make your little girl the talk of any Halloween party she attends.

Baby Pink Elephant Costume


Pink elephant? Too cute!

Baby Peacock Halloween Costume


What to really stand out with your baby? Check out this great Peacock costume for babies or toddlers. It looks really cool, but at the same time it is safe for a young one to wear to any Halloween gathering.

Infant Bunny Costume


Remember that scene in Christmas Story? This will be NOTHING like that. Because your baby is still young, they will not freak out if you buy them this cute costume. Okay, maybe they will. Who can really speak for a baby. Still, the cute factor says it all really.

Girl Superhero Costumes

Rubies Wonder Woman


This cute costume for little girls is a classic superhero. Your child may not be too familiar with Wonder Woman, but most girls are going to like the outfit quite a bit – which is what Halloween is all about.

Precious Lil’ Pirate Girl’s Costume


What is cuter than a classic pirate costume for a little girl? This is for toddler girls, and it is available at a great price. This is a good costume for toddler girls and has 8 pieces in the set.

Orange Butterfly Costume


A butterfly costume is a pretty safe bet for smaller girls. This orange one is a little different, but it’s sure to delight any young one. Butterfly Wings are included for the complete Butterfly look.

Gothic Vampiress Costume


For little girls who do not want to go with cute, this Gothic style dress and accessories can make her look fabulous without being too scary or silly. This is a great costume for girls age 5 to 8 years old.

2012 Halloween Costumes for Boys

Below we have some good idea for 2012 boys Halloween costumes. Whether you want something funny, scary or heroic, we have some ideas for everyone.

Boys Superhero Costumes

Reversible Spider-Man Red To Black Classic


If your little boy is into Spiderman in a big way, they are going to LOVE this reversible spidey combo.

Batman The Brave and Bold Deluxe Muscle Chest


Another great superhero is Batman, which is going to excite a lot of boys. This costume is great because it has the “muscular chest” which really makes him look like a real superhero. For some boys, it’s all about the realism of the costume!

Iron Man 2 Mark 6


With an authentic looking Ironman mask (that is safe, of course) and a print on the chest that glows as well as muscles in torso and arms this is the way to go for any Iron Man fan in your family.

Avengers Hulk Classic Muscle Costume


The Incredible Hulk is usually not the most popular Halloween costume, but for some kids, BEING HULK GOOD! This fake muscle costume for boys will have others green with envy.

Boys Videogame Costumes

Red Angry Birds Child Costume


For the Angry Birds fan out there – we know who you are! – this is a great, reasonably priced costume that will really make you look one of the Angry Birds. You can bet whoever wears this is going to get a lot of attention wherever they go.

Red Angry Birds Child Costume


For the Angry Birds fan out there – we know who you are! – this is a great, reasonably priced costume that will really make you look one of the Angry Birds. You can bet whoever wears this is going to get a lot of attention wherever they go.

Funny Halloween Costumes for Boys

Abraham Lincoln


Action, drama and power are all the makings of a great character for a boys Halloween costume. So who better to dress as than the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln? The costume includes a vest with attached dickie, coat, pants, hat and bow tie. Just add a chin curtain beard and you’ll have the makings of the next American hero. For an action packed Halloween, the costume can be used to reenact his 1865 assassination which was carried out at Ford’s Theatre by John Wilkes Booth.

But if Civil War Presidents aren’t heroic enough, consider the first President and Founding Father George Washington, complete with a Colonial lace jabot. All that is needed to complete the costume is a white wig, silver buckled shoes and the desire to run a strong, well-financed national government. In the words of Honest Abe, “Whatever you are, be a good one”.

Zombie Sock Monkey


Sock monkey dolls have been lovingly made by crafters since 1890. They are sewn with love by mothers and grandmothers for children all around the world. Their lovable faces, soft plush bodies and red-heel grin melt hearts. But what happens when these handcrafted sock creatures turn bad? Introducing Zombie Sock Monkey, the costume. It is equal parts evil monkey and deathly zombie. With its toothy sneer, bandaged head and detached eye, this creature is definitely looking for trouble.

The costume comes complete with jumpsuit, headpiece and detachable tail. Havoc is imminent this Halloween season with this costume. However, if the Zombie Sock Monkey is too frightening for you, never fear! The original Sock Monkey Costume is available for all ages with an adorable masked monkey grin. But beware, as Sock Monkeys have the ability to turn evil and frequently do on Hallow’s Eve.

Mexican Taco


A taco can be made with an array of delicious ingredients like beef, chicken, cheese, vegetables and children. Children? With this funny life-sized children’s taco costume, he can be a Mexican favorite for Halloween. The costume includes a wraparound tortilla and all the tasty fixings, just like a real taco. To add flavor the costume, add a Mexican sombrero and curly mustache. In this costume, they’ll look good enough to eat.

If you just happen to have a chihuahua, bring it along for the ride. If Mexican food is too spicy for you, consider dressing as a slice of delicious pizza with this Pizza Costume, complete with cheese, pepperoni and mushrooms. Instead of having a pizza party, you’ll be the party pizza! For Halloween, there’s no need to look further than south of the border or to the Mediterranean for great (and scrumptious) costume ideas for your boy.



Elvis, the King of Rock and Roll, has been imitated by millions of fans around the world. His flashy white jumpsuit, glittery belt and pompadour hairstyle has become an iconic image. This Halloween, your little prince can be the King in this officially licensed Elvis Presley costume. The costume includes a decorated jumpsuit, belt and scarf. To complete the look, purchase a pair or gold sunglasses, pompadour wig and gold microphone.

To really give the effect of the rock and roll persona, tote an mp3 player that plays classic Elvis Presley songs to sing to. He’ll have the neighborhood block all shook up this Halloween. But if old-school rock and roll icons aren’t popular with the little ones, consider dressing as pop heartthrob Justin Bieber. In an all-white outfit and classic Bieber purple shirt, all they need is a pair of high-top sneakers and a manicured coif to set the star image.

Discount Halloween Costumes

There is nothing wrong with wanting to save a little money this Halloween. To help you out, we have some great discount costumes for boys and girls.

Discount Costumes for Boys

Discount Costumes for Girls


And remember, if you browse the rest of our website, you are going to find a lot of other great toys recommended by single moms, single dads and pairs of parents around the world. Stay tuned as Top Toys Blog becomes the best toys blog on the planet.


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