Transformers Toys for 4 Year Old Boys

Transformers Toys for 4 Year Old Boys, 8.6 out of based on 2 ratings

2010 Popular Transformers Toys for 4 Year Old Boy?

Finding Transformers toys for 4 year old boys can be simple if you go into it knowing what you want to buy. Everyone is different, but here is a list of some of the best Transformers toys for four year old boys this year. These are good for slightly older children as well, so pull up a chair and get ready for some great ideas on Transformers gifts.

Transformers Toys for 4 Year Old Boy

Hasbro Transformers Cyber Stompin’ Bumblebee Action Figure

Cyber Stompin’ Bumblebee helps you recreate the “Transformers” movie in your living room. This is a great toy that will help the imagination for a four year old boy.

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Constructicon Devastator

This is a slightly older Transformers toy, but one that is still popular this year.

Hasbro Transformers Cyber Stompin’ Optimus Prime Action Figure

This leader of the “good guys” is another big hit with four year old boys.

Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen Optimus Prime Sword

At 22 inches, this official sword from Hasbro is safe for kids age four and up.

Transformers Action Figures

The exact models may differ from child to child, but many 4 year old boys love the Transformers, especially the Action figures that actually transform. Just make sure you get something that is safe for a four year old. There are several Transformers toys that fit this requirement.

There are plenty of other Transformers toys for 4 year old boys, but these should give you some ideas on what to get. If you have other ideas on Transformers toys for four year old boys, leave a comment below!

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One comment on “Transformers Toys for 4 Year Old Boys
  1. Jaysmom says:

    My four year old loves these. Just make sure you get age specific for four year old cause there are a lot of transformers toys out there.

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