Top Transformers Toys for 2011

With the love for Transformers toys growing bigger and bigger each and every day thanks to the new movie this year, you want to find the truly best Transformers toys. Our experts went out to find the best ones out there and they came back with this awesome list of the top Transformers toys for 2011.

Transformers Leader – Starscream

This leader can always convert in a jet and fly away when things get too hot. With his pop-out arm cannon, Starscream is sure to take on any villain that heads his ways. You now have your eyes on one of the best Transformers toys of them all, we now present Starscream for your kid’s entertainment.

The price tag is about forty bucks which is the average cost of popular Transformers toys in 2011. That is, unless you get into Transformers collectibles.

Transformers Leader – Ultimate Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime has been winning the hearts of kids around the world (yes, even the grown ones) for many years now. It’s not over yet, because he turns into a truck which allows him to rule the road of any battle he encounters.

Priced under thirty bucks, it’s easy to squeeze this Transformers toy into just about any budget. This is something that we take into account as we want our readers to know which choices are truly the best and most cost-effective ones currently available.

Transformers Combiner 5 PK – Destructicons Mudslinger

The Transformers Combiner is the behemoth of all Transformers toys. Assemble all 5 of these Transformers toys as the limbs and your child will have the power of 5 allies ready to take their side.

Priced less than $20, this is a great buy for any parent sticking to a budget. Even though it’s priced low, this is one of the Transformers toys that are hot this year with kids as well.

Transformers Battle Ops Bumblebee

Bumblebee is known for being able to convert into a slick Camaro and ride off into the darkness. The sound effects are realistic enough to have your kid thinking that they’re actually in the Transformers movie. At a cost of around forty bucks, it’s a reasonably affordable gift for any Transformers movie fan. Be aware there may be some “older kids” you know who would love to have this sitting on their desk.

Transformers Movie 2 Deluxe Swerve

Swerve comes packed with blades and has the ability to convert into a Corvette Stingray when things can go a little better on all four wheels. The price is around twenty five bucks which makes it a good choice in addition to it being popular with the kids.

Transformers Generation Red Alert

Generation Red Alert is a Transformer that has earned his reputation by fighting off villains with his pulse pistol backed by his powerful engine. Yes that’s right, he converts into a sports car for the fire department which gives him even more speed to get out of tight spots easily.

This concludes our list of the Best Transformers Toys for 2011. Hopefully it provided you with some insight on which ones are the most popular in the world this year. Remember to leave a comment and submit your pictures and/or videos of your new Transformers toy to be posted right here for others all around the world to see.

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